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Are you having problems with your car-door lock? Are you stuck on the side of the road somewhere in a Dallas highway miles away from a service center? Do you need to get to a rare, very important meeting but your car died because you ran out of gas or because your engine’s power failed? These are concerns that can happen to anyone in Dallas where sites are miles away from one another and residents are miles farther. It definitely is not easy to guarantee your car will not fail on you while you’re in the middle of nowhere and on a holiday and at night.

Contact Jonas Bros Towing and their network of licensed affiliates, and we can surely get to where you are as soon as you give us the details of your location. Our conscientious customer support staff are monitoring our communication lines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can get to your location and assist you with your car troubles fast. Call us at (469) 620-1421 for inquiries or if you need urgent assistance.

Services We Offer

Jonas Bros Towing and their network of licensed affiliates are located in Dallas, TX and is highly committed to delivering high-quality towing services to those who are in and around Dallas. We provide outstanding customer support and quality wrecker services at reasonable prices. The services we provide include:

Roadside assistance

– Tire fixing

– Long-distance towing

– Heavy-duty towing

– Replacement and recharging of battery

– Removal of unused cars

– Jumpstart battery

– Unlock car door

– Out-of-gas services

…and the list goes on.

Reputable Wrecker Service in Dallas

We have been in the business as a wrecker service provider in Dallas for years, and we take pride in the good reputation we have gained since, with recommendations and testimonials from our previous clients—individuals and companies in Dallas.

Jonas Bros Towing is licensed to assist you with your car troubles, and we are equipped with technology to make sure our staff and clients alike are safe. We hire technicians who are highly skilled and have good behavior. We provide our staff training to ensure they are updated of the new practices as well as changes in our dynamic industry with the advancement of technology. We guarantee you exceptional customer experience.

Rely on Jonas Bros Towing and a network of independent tow truck operators for Competitively-Priced Quality Wrecker Services

We provide not just on-the-spot roadside assistance, but also customer support where you get to be advised on how you can take care of your vehicle. We hire only professionals regardless of their years in profession and age. We make sure that when they get to you, you will see happy faces and good work attitude and that they can do a job well done. We look after our staff’s needs and ensure they have good work-life balance because we believe their wellbeing will reflect on the quality of their work. You will surely be glad to have called our staff for support because you know you got the value for your money.

Our pricing is reasonable. We are honest about everything, from our time of arrival at your location through the services we provide to the prices we put on your tab. We guarantee you that we are not overpricing you with the services we provide. We put into account the fair pay of our staff and the resources they use (which we make sure are advanced and up-to-date to make their job easier) among other elements that helped us ensure our services are top quality. Rest assured, we do not put sky-high prices on your tab, but rather competitive prices.

Rely on us to help you with your car engine troubles, car key troubles, tire problems—you name it. Our professional customer support staff are capable and more than willing to take care of your car troubles for you. We guarantee you safety and excellent customer experience, and you get a bonus of a great advice from our team for your assurance in the future.

Call us now at (469) 620-1421. You can ask our customer representative for more details about the services we offer or to assign a team of technicians to get to your location if you need urgent assistance. We have conscientious technicians available at the moment, as we want to ensure they can cater to your needs quickly.



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