Auto Transport & Towing Services in Dallas TX 

For Dallas Auto Transport in Dallas TX and a network of independent tow truck operators is not all about growing the operators Serving the community is also a commitment that we demonstrate through high quality towing services, reasonable rates, and excellent customer support. For several years that we have been in operation, we have successfully gained a good reputation and earned the trust of drivers and companies in Dallas. We are licensed, bonded and well-equipped to cater to the needs of car vehicle owners. Our technicians are professionals and highly skilled. We continue to update our knowledge so we stay abreast of the changes and practices in the industry that we serve to ensure exceptional customer care. We have a widewide rangeservices, which include the 24-hour emergency towing, to enable us to attend to the calls of our clients, regardless of the time and day. So the next time you encounter issues, such as flat tire and dead car battery or you run out of gas or your car won’t start, call us at (469) 620-1421 and we will be in your location the soonest possible time.

If you have other concerns like you can’t unlock the car door and other related auto locksmith problems, you can also count on Towing Dallas to help you. Our able customer support staff will make sure that you will get the assistance that you require. Just provide us with all the details and we will be in your place the soonest possible time.

Dallas Towing Services

When you are in a hurry to attend a very important meeting and your car won’t start for a reason you are not aware of, isn’t that frustrating? But don’t feel so helpless because there’s Tow Truck Dallas to assist you. Our services are wide-ranging and you can be sure that your requirement is one of these:

Road problem scenarios are too many. It’s possible that you forget to fill up the gas tank, specifically when you are in a rush. If your car stops in the middle of the road because you run out of gas, stop blaming yourself. Focus on the solution – not on the problem. Call us at (469) 620-1421 and we will immediately assist you. Talk to us also when you need to jumpstart your car battery or you have to replace or charge it – but you are on the road. Our professional mechanics will be in your place – regardless of the distance – to get you out of trouble. We also address flat tire problems, as well as long-distance, heavy-duty and 24-hour towing. Yes, we do not sleep at work. We make sure that we will be there for our clients when they need us – even if it’s in the wee hours of the morning.

For Towing Dallas, We are More Than Just Towing

Your service van stops in the middle of the road and you are in immediate need for towing assistance because you can’t afford to lose one service van for your business. You require both long-distance and 24-hour towing services. No problem. Tow Truck in Dallas TX is always ready to help.

But we understand that car owners and drivers have needs other than towing. It is for this reason that we also offer auto locksmith services and roadside assistance. We want to make sure that we can cater to all – if not most – of your car-related concerns.

Your driver shuts the vehicle door, unmindful that the key is still inside. The key gets stuck in the ignition. The trunk won’t open. The battery requires replacement or jumpstarting. You have a flat tire and you are in a rush because you have a wedding to attend to. You feel hopeless and helpless because your vehicle suddenly stops and you have no idea what happens. What’s the only solution? Call an expert for help. We at Dallas Towing understand how frustrating these situations can be thus we also offer the above-mentioned services for you. These extended services assure you of getting you out of trouble in no time. Just tell us your current situation and your location and we will immediately go to you. Our rates are reasonable so you have nothing to worry. Our technicians are professionals and highly skilled that you have no reason to fret about the ‘fate’ of your vehicle. Just relax and let us do our job.

Why Choose Dallas Auto Transport and their network of licensed affiliates?

We are professionals

  • Every staff member or technician is a professional. Each of us goes through training to assure clients like you that when you call us to request for Dallas Towing, we will provide excellent towing services and value for your money. We keep our industry knowledge updated so we can use the latest technology and follow the current practice in towing services. We come on time because we want to solve your problem the soonest possible time.

Our rates are reasonable

  • We are honest about our pricing – we let our clients know the rates of our services before we perform the job because we do not want any misunderstanding. More important, we want you to feel no pressure while we are working on the job. We want you to know that you have nothing to be anxious about as our rates are reasonable. We do not charge sky-high; giving outstanding service is our priority. You are our priority.

No distance is too far for us

  • Looking for a Tow Truck in Dallas TX that accepts long-distance towing? Look no more because you have come to the right place. We accept this type of service because as we keep on saying – you are our main concern – not the distance. Give the details and we will go to the location immediately.


Call us now (469) 620-1421. Talk to our customer representative and we will make sure that you get the best and the fastest towing service you need. We will be happy to assist you with your needs.

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